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Crochet is taking over the World!

We all love crochet, come on! Admit it.

So at Tailor the Foxx his month we have launched crochet stool covers, as well as cute keepsake animals. As we all know, children as messy little devils so we have used wool that can be washed on a low temp and room dried. We use wool from all over the world, but it is 100% natural.  If there are any designs you would like us to re-create drop us an email and we can try our hardest to do it!

The crochet queen that is Kath can re-create many animals, even to the likeness of your pets. 

So jump on board and have a look, handmade, British toys and accessories! All gift boxed and cute as a button.

crochet stool coversesme fox crochet animalAngharad donkey crochet animal

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